A List of Winning PhD Dissertation Topics in Finance

A PhD is the crowning glory to a long career of academic study. You know all the sacrifice it took to get you to this stage and you want to receive that doctoral degree. You also should be trying to lay the foundations for a career in academia or perhaps research and the doctoral dissertation can be the first step. You should have a topic that catches the imagination of your advisor and the committee. Furthermore, it should be original research that advances knowledge and also establishes you as an authority. There is a number of topics from a reputable dissertation writing service you can think about as you consider what you will be writing about.

  • Are Dark Pools Helpful to the Stock Market or are They Problems?
  • Have Exchange Traded Funds Helped Developing Countries?
  • The Euro. How it has helped the financial market in a given country.
  • Can Islam banking be successful outside of the Middle East?
  • Should investment decisions be made exclusively on statistical models?
  • What Value Does Crowdfunding Have for a Midsize Corporation?
  • What Role Do Public Sector Financing Have in the Great Recession of 2008?
  • Should Poor Entrepreneurs Be Allowed Access to Money Markets?
  • Will Crowdfunding Have an Impact on Loan Interest Rates?
  • What Influence Does the Austrian School Have on Entrepreneur Finance?
  • What Factors Ought to Influence the Decisions in the New Millennium?
  • Do Mobile Devices Have Any Impact on Stock Market Trades?
  • Should Credit Cards Be More Regulated By Government?
  • What Are the Best Means for the Poor to Finance a Home Purchase?
  • What Is the Impact of Teenage Spending Habits on Credit Card Finance?
  • To What Degree Would Banking Suffer If Student Loans Were Forgiven?
  • What Are Modern Warning Signals of a Coming Recession?
  • Should the Fed Be Decentralized to the State Level?
  • What Is the Real Impact of Libertarianism on Public Finance?

As you go through the various topics you have to keep in mind there must be sufficient research already available to launch your project. Furthermore, the methodology you use to extract information has to be as good as possible. You are demonstrating to your department an ability to do top-level research and analysis with this dissertation. You have to give it your very best.

The benefit can be substantial. If you propose a unique topic that holds the prospect of generating high quality knowledge, you can quickly establish yourself as an authority. This is going to help you as you move forward in your career. Having the right subject for your dissertation can launch a successful effort.

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