Computer Science Dissertation Topics

It might be a simple task for some students to write an essay or complete an assignment, but to work on a dissertation is not simple. The reason behind this is the immense amount of research that is required to conduct the dissertation. But there is a task that is more daunting than writing a dissertation. 

That is to select a topic for the dissertation. Most of the students do not know which topic to select. Sometimes, they would select a topic on which already a significant amount of data has been collected. On the other hand, some students would end up selecting a topic that is too dull for them.

Computer Science

Computer Science is a vast subject, and under this one subject, there are various topics. In simple words, computer science is the study of computers and technological systems. But when you dig deeper, you will find that computer science deals with security, artificial intelligence, project management, information systems, and computer networks. 

Dissertation Topics

Some of the topics that computer science students can select from are mentioned below

  1. Using the complex hierarchical structure and machine learning, visualise text categorisation
  2. For parsing and indexing, multimedia databases survey various algorithms and technologies. 
  3. List down the several tool and techniques requirements in software used in the UK.
  4. By using Information Technology, explain the process of improving the value of inter-organisational knowledge management.
  5. How is the autonomous navigation carried out indoors and outdoors?
  6. In the field of marketing and advertising, how is the concept of artificial intelligence applied?
  7. By using an autonomous mobile robot, carry out the computation of the virtual model of the environment. 
  8. Is the adoption of automated vehicles in the UK, causing any cybersecurity challenges?
  9. How can we carry out System-Level Testing of Distributed Systems?
  10. List down all the requirements for the design of the Next Generation Software Release Management System.
  11. Explain the process of designing a cloud-based Information System.
  12. What is required for the designing of the Enterprise Content Management System?
  13. To improve the overall healthcare service in the UK, how are the bioinformatic being applied?
  14. To prevent the failed implementations, how are the risks approached being applied?
  15. List down all the challenges that are faced by the Information systems development and database design. 
  16. Is there a substantial impact due to the numerous basic factors on the information systems development process?


It is easier for the students to decide their topic of the dissertation. They can do this with the help of the topics that are given above. Time should be given to think about each of the topics individually. 

Students should only select that topic that they find interesting. If they choose a topic that is dull and boring, they might not be able to perform their best in the dissertation. Furthermore, make sure before confirming a topic that the data collection for that topic is also not that challenging.

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