Creating An Excellent PhD Dissertation In Mathematics

A dissertation is the culmination, in writing, of a formal academic study on a particular topic that is subjected to a series of approvals through committee. A dissertation is a long and arduous journey. A student considering a PhD dissertation in mathematics must be mentally prepared to be married to the research for many years. For this reason it is extremely important that the student be diligent in the approach that they take in their research.

Developing and testing new mathematical theories is not only interesting, but as a PhD student it is a way for you to share new knowledge through your findings with the rest of the world. Creating an excellent PhD dissertation in mathematics requires that you ask many questions prior to beginning your study as to what could significantly add to the body of knowledge in mathematics.

It should begin with a problem. The PhD student has an advanced understanding of the field and therefore can identify gaps in knowledge, theory, and practice in the area of mathematics. The student should ask the following questions: What problem exists? How or why is it a problem?

From these questions, the student can create a series of research questions that will guide the study. The research questions will enable the student to create any hypotheses that will be tested as a part of the research. It must include the background of the study. What prior research has been done in the field of mathematics that relate to the study problem. What were the findings of previous studies? How have other mathematical theories contributed to the current area of study?

Most previous studies include a discussion in the conclusion about areas for further study. This is a terrific place to get ideas for a dissertation in mathematics. In addition, this can help support the need for your research. This helps you explain the significance and relevancy of your study.

Excellence comes from the student’s passion for the topic. For an excellent PhD dissertation in mathematics, it is important that the student hone in on a specific area of interest to develop and test theory. Some areas of focus are: geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, linear equations, and the list goes on. You can also get assistance with these subjects at MyHomeworkDone. The key is for the student to find an area in which they have an acute interest. From this high level of interest, passion for the study is derived, and an excellent study is the result.

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