10 Education Studies Dissertation Ideas That Will Impress Your Professor

Getting a good grade on a dissertation is a must-have for students who want to graduate from their academic program. A dissertation can take years for students to research and write. Smart students pick a topic that they are already interested in. If the student actually likes the topic, it will make it easier to write about for months at a time.

Top Tips for Finding a Thesis Idea

Some of the best thesis topics are recent developments. As students prepare to do their essay, they should stay up-to-date with any developments in the field of education. They may want t to read literature from the field, observe teachers in action or listen to other people speak about education. Students can also choose a topic that is related to their previous work. Doing this would allow the student to use some of their research from past projects for their current paper.

Ten Dissertation Ideas

If students are still uncertain about the topic they want, they can read through the following ten ideas. These ten ideas can be used exactly as they are written or modified to suit a specific program. At the very least, students can use the following ten education studies topics to help with brainstorming their thesis.

  1. In Europe, many nations allow students to go to school for free. How does this create a different educational environment than the pay-for-schooling system in the United States?
  2. Are for-profit schools able to offer the same quality of coursework as traditional colleges? Are students able to achieve the same job success after graduation?
  3. If a school closes after a student graduates, does it affect the student's career potential?
  4. Should deaf children be educated in the deaf community or in a traditional school? Should blind children also be educated in just the blind community?
  5. In the past, Ivy League college's gave out the “Gentleman's C” rather than fail students in a class. Is it easier or harder to pass a class or get an A presently than it was in the past?
  6. Compared to the rest of the world, how do high school students in the United States perform? Are high school students actually prepared to start college classes?
  7. Some academicians have pointed out that elementary, middle school and high school history classes are more formatted toward instilling patriotism and jingoist values than teaching history. Should the national history curriculum be reformed?
  8. What are some of the factors that cause a student to dropout of high school or college? Can dropout rates be lowered?
  9. Should students be taught about citizenship in school?
  10. What are some techniques that have worked for boosting completion rates in inner city schools?

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