Choosing a Dissertation Topic

The process of writing a dissertation is not simple and straightforward. It needs time and a lot of research. But an even harder task is to find out the topic for your dissertation. Some students would find a topic for their dissertation based on the data that has already been collected. At the same time, other students wait for the topic to appear before them mystically. In this article, we have discussed the various methods that you can use to choose a topic for your next dissertation. It is not as hard as it sounds.

Where to look for the topics

One of the best ways to find out the topic for your dissertation is to find out about the topics or the subjects that excite you the most or the topics that you want to know more about. Go to the internet and conduct some research on the current theories. You can also attend various conferences and seminars that deal with the topics that you are interested in. Moreover, you can also pay a visit to your faculty member and discuss with them about your potential topic. They will have a lot of topics in their mind as they would have helped dozens of other students like yourself. Furthermore, the lecturer knows more about their students than the students know about themselves. 

Criteria for choosing the topics

Finding out about the topics of your dissertation is not the only hurdle that you will face before the actual process of writing the dissertation would start. There are a few criteria for choosing the topics as well. You will need to understand them as well. The first criterion is that whatever topic you choose, it must be able to hold your interest. It should not be boring or something that you do not want to find anything about. If that is the case, you must change your topics to something interesting to you. 

The second criterion is that the topic should be manageable. You should be able to manage the topic; it should not be too large for you. Your target right now is not to win a Nobel Prize, as this is the first time you are writing a dissertation; you must start with something that can be easily managed.

The third criterion is that the topic that you choose must be able to contribute to the original discovery. 

The fourth criterion is that it must not be too difficult for you to obtain the data for your dissertation and that it is not out of your budget and time frame.

And the fifth criterion is that not enough research has already been conducted on this topic.


If you can find a good topic for your dissertation, half of your work is done. It is because the topic that you will select will have your interest, and if you find something interesting, you will enjoy working on it. Then you can order dissertation help at and enjoy the top-notch assistance. Just make sure that you do your research properly and recheck everything once it is completed. 

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