10 Things You Should Know About The Dissertation Structure

While you are in college, you will be told to write a dissertation paper on a chosen topic from your subject. Here you should know that writing an essay paper is not an easy process. You need to know the structure of writing along with concentrating on the subject you are doing research on. Students often fail to take into consideration the structure of the writing for which they lose marks. On many occasions, their supervisors are not around, or they are on a vacation for which the students could not approach them. To avoid this situation, we have put together ten important guidelines for the students to help them in writing a thesis paper.

Ten Guidelines:

  1. The first and the foremost thing you need to do is come up with a title that shall be written on the first page of the write-up. The title should be appealing and attractive to your teacher so that he/she feels the urge to read until the end.
  2. Then think about introducing the topic. Here you shall reflect upon sharing your personal view on the subject, why you choose the particular topic and what do you want to show your reader through your study. You should think about a hypothesis or a research question that will form the background of writing an introduction.
  3. Then you should state the methodology of your study or what methods will you apply to generate the result in support for the hypothesis.
  4. Your study should have a clear objective that you need to mention in the paper.
  5. Write about the background studies you have done regarding the topic. You have to write about all the essential points corroborating your study that you have gathered by consulting some books, journals and online documents.
  6. Next you will write about the data analysis. You should put columns and rows to represent your data, and the result should be expressed in percentage only. The represented data shall be followed by a general statement of the same.
  7. Next you will write a conclusion where you will summarize the entire work and what you gained from undertaking the work. Make sure not to introduce any new topic here.
  8. You should ask your teacher beforehand whether you are required to follow any academic style for your writing like APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard style. Most of the professional dissertation papers are written in any one of the style.
  9. You should also follow what pattern does your teacher says about writing the bibliography that shall be put at the end of the paper. References are a must for this kind of work.
  10. When you are submitting the thesis paper, you shall put the title of the work on the top of the page, followed by your name, your supervisor’s name and the affiliated institution’s name on the cover page of the work. Never deviate from this pattern.

These are the basic guidelines to write a critical discourse. Still if you have any concerns, you can always seek online help from professional dissertation team where some sample papers are present with the necessary structure.

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