Dissertation Topics in Education

The students need to work on the topic that they have prior knowledge about because working on a topic that is completely alien to them is not preferable. The reason behind this is that if you do not know about the topic you have selected for the dissertation, it might create a problem for you while understanding the topic, and you might end up producing an article that is not up to the mark. 

The kind of arguments that you should make in the dissertation should be persuasive. You should be able to persuade your readers about the topic that you are trying to cover. Furthermore, you should give yourself an ample amount of time to conduct the research. The more research you conduct, the better dissertation you will be able to generate. Keep in mind that your dissertation will have to go through various steps. Therefore, you should start working on it early, so that you can cover all the steps within the time that is prescribed. 

It would help if you took inspiration from the other people’s dissertations or thesis writing services that are available online. If your field lies within the premises of education, you can find several topics available online on which people have conducted dissertations. There will be topics that would deal with the basics of education, schools, universities, innovation in teaching, various methods of using the technology for education, etc. 

Education is a field that is specifically designed for the teacher so that they can teach the students in a better way. If you study about education, you will be able to conduct the dissertation in an effective method. Some of those topics related to education are mentioned below

  1. How is education affected by globalization?
  2. Provide a comparison between the traditional approach towards education and a more technological-based approach. 
  3. Describe the process of creating an inspiring environment within the schools.
  4. Are the educational policies in Europe worthwhile?
  5. Provide a comparison between the traditional approach towards education and e-learning.
  6. Is academic education more important than the development of personality and character?
  7. Is it preferable to teach students about religion to create more religious and racial tolerance?
  8. How important is learning and teaching about entrepreneurship?
  9. Why do you think is it mandatory for university professors to retire? Do you think that this should be abolished?
  10. Is there a shortage of teachers around the world? If so, then how is the education system handling the shortage?
  11. Are public schools more prone to the use of drugs and weapons as compared to private schools?
  12. In today’s education, does holistic education exist, or is it just a myth?


The students need to conduct proper research before choosing a particular topic for their dissertation. They should make sure that the topic they are selecting is interesting. If the topic is not interesting, they might not be able to perform properly. 

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