Avoiding Fraud Dissertation Writing Services

If you are in need of a little extra help with regards to your homework you might consider using a professional writing service. But how can you tell a fraud dissertation writing service from the real deal?

There are a few key things that you can look for which will help you to steer clear of fraudulent services.

  1. 1. They ask for money right away. If they want everything right away without even discussing the parameters of your project then they are likely a fraudulent service. A good custom dissertation writing service will work out all of the details and come to an agreement on the terms of the project and scope before the contract is set and the funds are transferred. On the note of money: make sure you look for their return policy or cancellation policy. Many of the reputable sites and services will offer a guarantee of sorts such that if they miss a certain milestone or fail to adhere to the requirements you get your money back.

  2. 2. Check their website and their feedback. Do not go based on their site alone. Look for reviews on other sites. See what feedback they have on their website and what feedback you can find on third party sites. All companies are selective about the content that they boast about vis-à-vis their customer reviews and feedback and of course only want the best. But you should look for other customer comments elsewhere. Not that no company will have 100% satisfied customers without a single negative review or complaint but somewhere in the 90% is good. And on the note of websites…

  3. 3. Make sure their website is legitimate. This means reviewing it for major errors. If they are a writing service and their home page has typos in it then steer clear. If they did not care enough from the start to edit their web copy then you should not trust them to employ professional writers and editors. If you have the time and expertise you can search for their domain name and see who it is registered to and where. The website might say they are based in the United States but a simple background check might reveal that the purchaser of the domain name and web address resides in Bangladesh and the website is hosted there.

By checking all of these things you can avoid making a big mistake.

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